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Element 3D, Z Depth, Nebula

Postby puupy30 on 12/4/2019, 1:09 pm

My understanding is that Nebula (whenever it comes out) may solve this problem. But I continue to struggle getting things to work the way I need them to. I used a great tutorial to create the sensation of flying through clouds in AE. Now, I just want to take my already existing Element 3D object, and have it placed right in the middle of the clouds so that when I fly through the clouds in Z space using a camera, my E3D object will appear at some point depending on where I place my E3D object in z space.. Right now, I can only put my E3D layer behind or in front of the clouds. I've tried a couple of tutorials, including one of Andrew Kramer's. But this is beyond advanced. Any ideas? FYI, here's the cloud tutorial that I successfully completed:


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