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Reflective Plane + Shadow Plane

PostPosted: 10/17/2019, 8:50 am
by danielaronson4
Hey Everyone,

I'm fairly new to Element 3D and the 3D world in general, but have been scouring tutorials and message boards and can't seem to find the answer to this question: Is there a way to use BOTH a reflective ground plane AND a matte shadow plane? When I combine both of these the program can only deal with one at a time. I would appreciate any information and would gladly post screen shots if necessary.


Re: Reflective Plane + Shadow Plane

PostPosted: 11/2/2019, 4:48 pm
by ctarv419
I've dealt with this before by first getting the scene all set up with animation and everything, then add a matte reflection plane to the E3D instance and get just the reflection looking right then duplicating the entire layer and on the E3D instance on the 2nd copy of the layer change the matte reflection plane to a matte shadow plane. Adjust the shadow settings on the 2nd copy and the reflection settings on the 1st copy. It's a brute force method that results in rendering your element scene twice but it's worked fine before for me in a pinch.

Re: Reflective Plane + Shadow Plane

PostPosted: 12/20/2019, 3:46 pm
by ender772
all i do on the plane is check matte shadow and matte reflection...and then on the plane itself choose reflection mode: mirror