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After Effects 16.1.3 - Major Animation Collapse??

PostPosted: 10/16/2019, 10:14 am
by igroveman
I am a filmmaker and composer and I have been working on a new reel for years. I am very close to the end, and I have some small elements in some of my files that are using Element 3D.

Iterating through changes in my project, Adobe updated AE at some point. I don't know the date or time, but every single ELEMENT layer in my entire projects has become corrupted. Some were corrupted and doing really strange things, featuring objects owned by other layers or never assigned to them.

I was able to fix these errors by simply creating new Element layers and duplicating the previous settings and loads without issue - but across the board, all object movements and animations are broken and bending, stuttering, freezing.

I've tested it to the point where I created a brand new project on a new drive with a single Element layer. The exact same animation errors persist. I am doing just a simple rotation of the Particle (1 X,Y,Z rotation keyframed) and the object is frozen and you see it snap angle in a couple frames but no animation.

I am desperate and need help right away!

-Israel David Groveman