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Saving an E3D Model and Grouping Question

PostPosted: 10/4/2019, 1:52 pm
by kirkeric

I have two associated questions here.

1. How to save a model as a preset. Now, I know the obvious. You right click on your group, save model as preset, done. So, when I did that, if I opened the model at the same time, alongside the model I just saved it FROM, looked all great and thought I was good. Then when I tried to use it separately in another new comp, different project, I added the preset model and suddenly segments of it were gone. Any idea how ensure the entire model is saved?

2. This is a grouping question. I'm building a rocket with different segments, so naturally, I need them in different groups. How do I place in different groups but STILL see them in my Element window for further editing, etc?

Thanks ahead.