Modeling a cone in E3D

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Modeling a cone in E3D

Postby kirkeric on 10/1/2019, 4:51 pm

Hello again,

I'm curious if this forum is still very active anymore since Andrew has mostly moved on to huge things.

My question here, if someone is out there, is how to model a cylindrical cone BUT without the tip. Think, Apollo command module where the top is sort of chopped off to allow the docking surface.

The reason that is important is because making a cone is fairly simple using the generator in the Element work space but you can't cut off anything.

You might say, then deform, well I did that and it looks great but here's the problem. The deform is not shown in the element work space so you can't really work on it much other than placing items, guessing location, then going out and checking position back in AE. Also to deform, that item must be in a separate group that complicates things.

So, anyone know how to just make a flat topped cone?

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Re: Modeling a cone in E3D

Postby JPT7505 on 10/1/2019, 10:52 pm

Go use blender or a paid 3d program.
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