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Help for realistic Glass and water material

PostPosted: 09/21/2019, 11:09 pm
by forhad
I'm new in Element 3D, I have fallen some problem in material design,
I have done material design in keyshot for a glass bottle and some water. Is there any way to import it in Element 3D? if yes, could you please tell me? if not then how can I do the same kinds of material design in Element 3D?

Here I have added what I have done.

keyshot material design
Keyshot-glass+water ... sp=sharing

keyshot-glass ... sp=sharing

E3D material design
e3d-glass+water ... sp=sharing

e3d-glass ... sp=sharing

I'm not satisfied with E3D design. How can it improve as like Keyshot? is there any way?

Thanks advanced for your help.

Re: Help for realistic Glass and water material

PostPosted: 09/22/2019, 7:41 pm
by JPT7505
Not really going to be possible. There's so much happening there in terms of light reflection and refraction. You can absolutely improve within element but you're not gonna get photo real.