E3D Environment projection / texture glitch

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E3D Environment projection / texture glitch

Postby rewbarb on 08/7/2019, 10:15 am

Hey, I've been using element since the beginning and from V2 I have had a persistent problem that I wondered if anyone knew a simple fix to stop it happening. I've not seen this problem posted anywhere else before but now seeing it on several machines I need to get an answer to the problem.

This issue tends to happen when I'm fairly deep into a build (not ideal) and from what I can see from randomly clicking buttons, clearing cache, etc, is that it is something to do with lighting and/or shadows.

Its to do with the global environment seemingly glitching, colours shifting wildly to purples, reds, blues. Basically it makes everything a mess. I can eventually get rid of it but that takes time and once it's happened on a build it seems to make it unstable and it happens again and again.

I have a feeling this is Mac specific as I've used several different computers and it seem exclusive to Mac. Any help would be much appreciated. Screenshot below, top is normal and bottom is glitches.
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