Texturing individual faces for objects, then splitting them

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Texturing individual faces for objects, then splitting them

Postby Bangarang on 07/19/2019, 3:18 pm

Hey gang, this might be a stupid question, but I've been trying to figure out how to best get this done within AE the complexity of the script, and the ongoing nature of revisions mean that trying to roundtrip between a full 3D app would be a pretty big pain.
Without getting into too much detail regarding the script, I need to take basic objects (extruded rectangles and triangles), texture them, break them apart into slices; each face of the object needs to be textured differently, as I need to apply animated textures that change over time.
As an example, I need to start with a stick of butter; it's got to look like a normal, packaged stick of butter, with a proper label texture on it. This stick of butter has to separate into several individual slices, as the camera rotates around the model. While still separated, the texture on the "front" of the slices needs to animate to a new image, followed by the "top", "bottom" and "back" sides, each one displaying a different word; as the textures are animating, the slices of butter reform to create a solid stick of butter again.
Is something like this even possible in AE? I've been playing around in E3D for a few years and have a basic knowledge of how it works, but I'm not super familiar with all of its capabilities. This kind of thing would be really straightforward to do in E3D, if I could get away with simple static textures, but the client is pretty adamant about their script...
Any suggestions on how I might get this done?

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