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Reusing materials in element 3d for different objects

PostPosted: 07/12/2019, 5:21 am
by devailo
Hello, my question is simple.

I have 2 similar objects in 3ds max . 1 has 19 materials and the other one has 22 materials. I make one multi-sub objects with 22 materials and apply it to both. The first obj just skips the last 3 materials. Then i export them and import them into element and the 2 objects have different number of materials. And when i setup the first object i cannot transfer these materials to the second because it says they have a different number of materials. I have a lot of simmiliar objects which i have to use in AE with E3D and .. this makes my work very hard if i cannot reuse the materials. Is there a workaround? Thanks