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C4D displacement map in E3D

PostPosted: 05/28/2019, 12:52 pm
by M Bag
Hi All,

I'm new to E3d and have searched manuals/forums but haven't been able to get an answer to a problem I'm having regarding the use of C4D displacement maps in E3D.

I have a low poly model in C4D (jaw, see attached image) that I UV mapped and in part of that object I applied a procedural displacement texture (jaw cutaway area) making deep recesses in the surface of the model (inner bone texture). The map is at 4096 resolution and model is 5 or 6 levels of subd's when rendered in C4D. My question is, can this displacement/it's effect be brought into E3D? If so how? Am I better off not using E3D?

I've seen tutorials for baking sculpts but not for procedural maps. Please let me know if more information is needed to answer the question.

Thanks in advance for any help.