Transform Relative Alignment Setting

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Transform Relative Alignment Setting

Postby eljohnny22 on 05/6/2019, 12:18 am

I'm having a problem with the relative alignment setting in E3D—

    I have a single, 2D solid with 15 masks making up two lines of type.
    I'm feeding that layer into E3D's Custom Layer>Path 1>Masks.
    The masks themselves are animating over time, stretching, moving, etc... so the "relative center", that E3D is trying to identify, is floating around the X/Y axis as my masks animate.
    I need the model to stay in it's absolute position, not to bounce around as E3D tries to find a relative center.
    No matter which alignment setting I use in E3D's transform section, this floating still persists.
    I thought "Front" might work since the object is not moving in Z space, but still, the object is floating in X/Y.

Is there a way to disable this relative alignment or a different way to set up my scene so that this can be fixed?

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