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Relative Anchor Point Alignment / Extrusion Transform

PostPosted: 05/2/2019, 10:04 am
by eljohnny22
I'm having some issues with the E3D anchor point settings. Example attached.

I created masks from text in AE— 15 masks making up 2 lines of text on a single 2D solid. Assigned to a single custom path layer in E3D. No problem.

I need the masks themselves to animate, so that the shapes move and change. The mask animation is 2D, just moving points X/Y.

As my masks animate, my E3D object is bouncing all around, presumably due to the relative anchor point alignment setting, right?

I assumed that changing the alignment setting in the extrusion transform controls might fix this, but none of the settings (model center, front, etc) seem to prevent my model from bouncing all around, as E3D attempts to auto align the object.

Why wouldn't the FRONT setting fix this if my animation is locked in Z space?

Is there a way to disable this relative align feature completely, so that my object just remains in the same absolute position?