Request / Suggestion - Groups/Channels Labeling?

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Request / Suggestion - Groups/Channels Labeling?

Postby Anomaly on 11/2/2018, 9:58 pm

this is a repost from a post i made in the wrong area of the forum.
original post -
I'm putting it here so it might be noticed appropriately.

I love Element 3D like nobody's business.
It's solved so many problems in my workflow and gives me insanely beyond satisfactory results.

Super big request....
I have to have a text file open all the time where I keep notes as to which group is what object in the scene, and the same goes with custom masks and textures and most importantly Auxiliary Animation Channels.
Things get CONFUSING with not having the ability to Label any of these.

So is there any you guys could add this option to the next version of the plugin?
I'm sure many many people would be super stoked with this addition.

readers... comment if you agree!!
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