Tips - More professional/polished look?

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Tips - More professional/polished look?

Postby martycg on 10/26/2018, 1:07 pm

What are some tips/tricks to make my 3D look a little more polished/professional looking?

Here is a screenshot of an end screen I'm working on for an news opener. The monitors would be filled in with video, I made the trusses, one I tried filling in with a red beam, but it's not really glowing like I wanted it to, I left the other side open to see which one I liked more. The seamless BG looks kind of bad, the anti-aliasing needs some smoothing.

But overall it really needs more pop and polish. Thoughts on how to improve it?
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Re: Tips - More professional/polished look?

Postby star+circle on 10/29/2018, 4:39 am

In my opinion it is missing a clear light source and shadows. Light and shadow help a lot in creating space, light alone makes things pretty flat. Simply adding contrast can help as well, but you need a clear visual point of interest that draws the eye where you want it. It is in the center, obviously, in this case, but you can improve the focus with contrast and shading. In general, the center of attention has the highest contrast, both in luminosity and color, and other areas are faded into less importance. Even something like a highlight reflection on that center screen would draw attention to it. It's just too "even" at the moment. Focus works much the same way. Or a spotlight. Many ways to achieve the desired outcome.

Now, you don't yet have anything in the center screen, so putting a moving video there will, all by itself, have an impact.

Also, red is an attention-grabbing color, so rather than putting them around the less important elements, having them around the main element only would probably help matters. The far background doesn't need much anything. A linear or circular gradient would almost be enough. Even the gray and black stripes pull attention away from the main object.

Basically: focus attention.
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