cannot randomly replicate different model

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cannot randomly replicate different model

Postby bfong on 10/24/2018, 3:30 am

I simply created a cube in Element. Then, I set particle count to 100 and set replicator shape to "Sphere". I got the result is all 100 cube form in a sphere and that is good. Now I wanna add one more object to form this sphere. So, I jumped back in scene setup and add a cone object then click ok back to After Effects comp. I suppose the result is 100 object (randomly cube or cone) to form a sphere, however, the result is a 100 object which is a cube blend with a cone together to form a sphere. Can anyone tell me which step I got wrong? Thank you very much
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System Specs: Win 7, Adobe After Effects CC2018, Element 3D V2.2.2

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