Animating animal models from turbosquid

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Animating animal models from turbosquid

Postby brad12d3 on 03/22/2018, 2:56 pm

If I bring a rigged model like this T-Rex into Element 3D, would I be able to move and rotate the different parts of the skeleton and animate it? Is it ok that it's native application is Maya? I should be able to import the obj and fbx versions of it right? Should I look for anything specific when getting a model, should it be native to C4d or 3ds?

Here's the model I am looking at: ... ex/1103365
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Re: Animating animal models from turbosquid

Postby star+circle on 04/2/2018, 12:12 am

No, Element 3D is not made for that. You would have to animate it in a 3D software that can work with bones and export an OBJ sequence to render in Element 3D. If the source file is Maya, you will need Maya, or if you don't have Maya you need some way to convert it. Turbosquid does offer a service to convert purchased models to other formats, so you could ask for a conversion to Blender, for instance.
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