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AE and Element 3D objects

PostPosted: 12/23/2017, 4:17 am
by JohanEjerblom
Hi! New to Video Co Pilot and this forum :)

I'm tying to make a scene in After Effect and Element 3D where I combine 3D objects from both AE and Element. But I hit patrol. The first thing I've noticed was that the Element 3D object always renders itself by the layer structure in AE, not where it's actually placed in space. Is there a way around that? To let say be blocked by an After Effect 3D object without placing in under that layer?
Also, is there a way to make AE 3D objects and Element 3D objects interact with each other? I want those objects to cast shadow on each other from the light sources I've created in my scene.

I've attached a screenshot from a scene I'm working on. Here the full scene is created in AE, but I want to remake the room and furniture in Element 3D to have volume to my objects.

Hopefully you got the answers :)