Fading one group to another

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Fading one group to another

Postby nicolae43 on 11/11/2017, 5:32 am


I'm having difficulties fading one group with force opacity set to zero to the duplicate group with force opacity set to 100 using animation engine.
The object just pops after 3 frames with no smooth fading. Is the thames path which is blue.....

The materials do have refraction / reflection.

I m also having some confusing issues with other 3D layers. I create the group null and copy it's atributes such as position, rotation than paste those to the normal 3D layer. I reposition the 3D layer than to it's place but when I animate the camera the 3D layer relative position to the E3D objects is wrong and I can not work out why.

I did do the Lynda course on E3D and understand quite a bit about it but I cant get the above to work.

Thank you
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