Way to wiggle multi-object positions?

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Way to wiggle multi-object positions?

Postby Bradford on 11/10/2017, 9:49 am

Hello, I'm trying to wiggle the position of some "electrical ions" in order to make them appear to vibrate...but the expression below (applied to the Noise Amount Multi X) wiggles each multi-object particle as a *multiple* of the noise amount, not as a fixed number of pixels. I created the slider control so that I could control from more to less "vibration"...which works, except that the "ions" that happen to have more random noise applied wiggle more pixels. I want them all to wiggle the same x distance regardless of how much position noise I'm applying with the slider.

(As an aside, or maybe another way to approach this, is there a way to refer to individual particles in a multi-oject (in this case, a 3D grid with dimensions 1, 12, 1) to wiggle their x position independently? (I'd like to make sure also that they don't all wiggle in unison!)


effect("Noise-Group4")("Slider") + wiggle(10, .0005)
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