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Adjust edge where UV repeats

PostPosted: 11/9/2017, 3:58 pm
by ericb1
I have a simple extruded mask from a layer in my AE comp. I've got it textured using Box Repeat (preserve aspect). There is a specific edge where I'd like the texture to wrap around, but instead it cuts off/repeats, and I am unable to adjust. UV Offsetting nicely offsets the texture all the way around the other side edges of the model, except for this one edge where the texture cuts off & repeats, no matter what. Is there a way to change or reassign this particular edge so the image will continue to wrap and not start over? Can I assign a different edge to be the one that cuts off/repeats?
See image here-

Re: Adjust edge where UV repeats

PostPosted: 11/10/2017, 10:22 am
by hans123
Hello ericb1,

you can try this:

- export your model from E3D as obj
- import it into Blender (Freeware) or C4D (now inbuild in AE)
- apply UV coordinates to your object
- render out the texture (to use it in Photoshop to create your texture)
- save the obj
- import the obj into E3D and apply the texture, you have created in Photoshop

Hope this can help you.


Re: Adjust edge where UV repeats

PostPosted: 11/14/2017, 7:59 am
by ericb1
Thanks for your reply Hans. I was hoping there might be a way to edit this within Element, but I guess not. I'll go the long route and export to Blender.