Advanced environment tip video still relevant?

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Advanced environment tip video still relevant?

Postby fiveshorts on 09/9/2017, 11:30 pm

I watched Andrew's advanced environment techniques tut for E3D ( I downloaded the old v1 primitives objects to get the "Environment" sphere object so I could follow along and recreate the MUCH better behavior of an environment using this technique.

I followed everything to the letter and it basically, kinda worked (the panning test was very gratifying and, I believe, essential), but the way Mr Kramer simply scales the particle size to say, 60 and manages to recreate the exact same BG as the original environment simply doesn't seem to work anymore. I was having to scale it to 10,000 to get it to the same size as the original, and then it was (obviously) distorted, MUCH darker and was showing strange artifacts and yadda yadda.

Does anyone know if there's a "new" way to achieve this wonderful, advanced technique, or is it something that simply was lost as an option as the plugin evolved? I tried a regular sphere primitive with normals reversed. I tried a standard shader. All the same nett result.

Many thanks for any help or ideas. To have the panning work "correctly" would be a godsend to me.
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