Group/Folder/Aux Channel organization advice please

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Group/Folder/Aux Channel organization advice please

Postby reasonother on 08/31/2017, 11:38 am

Hi all.

Up to my proverbials in an E3D 2.2.2 project and having a blast. Using the Motion Pack2 to build an animation where the viewer flies through a futuristic, Jules Verne machine — shallow DoF etc etc — which resolves on a pull back to "realize" that each component of the machine was in fact a letter of our corporate brand.Ta-dah.

Six letters in our name, Building six "machines". Animating as many parts of the multi-object models as I can, which means each having to be assigned to Aux channels etc.

I tried managing the whole thing in a single Group within a single instance. Not enough control.
Then tried breaking each letter out into groups. More control, but frustrating having to break back out to AE to see the groups' interaction (can only see one group at a time in the Scene Setup interface)
Now, resorting to one instance of Element per letter/machine assembly, but this, of course introduces new problems — if I want to change an environment or shared material setting, I have to do so six times.
I have to keep brand references in each of the six instances.
And, most importantly, one instance of Element in a comp won't reflect in another. Obviously.

I was wondering if anyone had any sage advice about managing groups/channels etc, as this is the first time I've attempted such an involved E3D usage.

I've attached a work in progress, so there is at least some context.

Many thanks in advance.

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