Opening V1 After Effects Projects in V2

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Opening V1 After Effects Projects in V2

Postby Dustin Hudson on 12/10/2014, 10:35 am

We don't recommend opening old projects inside of Element 3D V2, though if you do we recommend taking some precautions:

Be sure to back up your project, just in case you need to install an old version.
Keep in mind SSAO has a new algorithm that may appear different.
Animation Engine has been improved and may render with different results.
The Bevel Extrusion system has been updated with a better coordinates system and may need tweaking. The New Coordinate system may cause anchor point issues that will change rotation in some cases.

We do apologize for the changes, but we had to make significant changes to accommodate the new features.


We are COMMITTED to getting all V1 projects to open in V2 correctly! We invite anyone with a problem to please send it to us right away and we will try and fix any issues and update the plug-in so it is not a problem for anyone. You can post it on the forum to take a took at, or if you'd rather send it to us privately to take a look at, you can send to our support email. Thanks!
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