Elements 3D and Ray-Traced A.O.

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Elements 3D and Ray-Traced A.O.

Postby thomas_tierney on 01/7/2020, 2:24 pm

Hey all,
I have a Radeon RX 560 and it gets the job done. I recently built a new PC and installed A.E. 2020 with the new drivers for the Radeon (19.12.3). After getting things up and running I noticed the 3D object didn't look like it had before so tested each final render to see what was missing. The A.O., when set to ray traced, was out of wack - gray image blob on white background.

I installed 2019 on the machine to diagnose, A.E .2019 wouldn't start. OpenGL command error. After tinkering around a bit, i downgraded the driver to 19.12.2 and now A.E. 2019 starts the Ray-Traced A.O. Shows up. When I launched A.E. 2020, there were a host of other issues related to the graphics drivers. I informed both Adobe and Video Copilot support but thought I would leave a message here too.

I am back in business now.
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