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CC Particle World Questions

Postby Andrew Kramer on 11/25/2008, 11:30 am

Missing CC Effects?
CC Particle World and the other CC effects are a plug-ins that comes free with After Effects, if you do not have it please contact your software provider or Adobe.

There is an X over my Plug-in?
If there is an X when you use the CC effects, the plug-ins weren't probably not installed from the original installation of After Effects. Registered copies of After Effects (6.5-CS4) include the installation on the DVD (6.5 & 7) while CS3 and CS4 include these files in the installation and will appear after activation. If you have this problem, you may need to contact ADOBE technical support.

No motion blur option?
CC Particle world has been updated with the newer version of After Effects. This feature may not be available in all versions of the plug-in. You may need to contact Adobe to make sure you have the latest version.

AE CS5 settings are no longer inside the options and you can simply find the settings within the plug-in or turn on the Motion blur switch for Motion Blurred Particles.

You may also be able to achieve motion blur using the CC Force Motion Blur plugin if you have an older version of the plug-in.

Questions related to creating things with this plug-in are welcomed but others may be moved or deleted.

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