How to make transformers ( the Movie ) effect.

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How to make transformers ( the Movie ) effect.

Postby pooyan on 10/1/2008, 8:45 am

Hi. I m from Iran . and i just mentioned that to tell u guys that this site have its viewers from IRAN too.
Ok Let me start my question.
I was wonderin if we can make the transformers effect with after effects. i mean the effect that a car transform to a robot for example. in the movie i know it uses some 3d aplication because the camera is turning around while the effect is happening. but i think we can make it in after effect with out having camera movements. i mean for example we have a mobile pictures from top. the it tranforms to a PC for example . but we do this effect in diffrent views ; first top , after 2 sec from left or any other views.
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Re: How to make transformers ( the Movie ) effect.

Postby gordonl09s on 10/1/2008, 8:56 am

After Effects is an amazing piece of software, but it's not really made to do what you want. The only way to make a car transform into a robot and look convincing is to do it in 3D software. More than likely they used Maya for that movie. Other popular packages are Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max and Lightwave to name a few. If it's a matter of money then look into Blender. It's free and has a lot of on-line training and tutorials to get you started. I've used Electric Image, C4D, Maya and started using Blender. For a free piece of software, it's done more than I ever expected. Give it a try, good luck.
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Re: How to make transformers ( the Movie ) effect.

Postby Fat Elvis on 10/1/2008, 9:37 am

If you were to spend the rest of your heart beating days animating tiny shapes and layers from the shape of a car or anything else into a robot.....even if you were crazy and rich and bored enough to do that, you still wouldn't achieve it. And on your gravestone it shall be written ....

'He should have used Maya'

R.I.P........(Rest In Polygons)
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Re: How to make transformers ( the Movie ) effect.

Postby aakarsh1997 on 10/2/2012, 2:25 am

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Re: How to make transformers ( the Movie ) effect.

Postby Thallis on 10/3/2012, 9:11 am

Well. To say it simple, Yes it can be done.
But if you want a high level of detail and realism , for instance , if you want to see parts of the object transform to something else and maybe also see some pieces from inside the model moving around. Then you need a 3D application .

The Ae way would be to make a chaotic / messy transform where you can't really tell what is going on but first there where one picture , something happend and then we have a new picture :)
It will work and you could properly make it look okay .
( I did it once with 2 pictures in a Pre-Comp , the before and after . then i added the Scatter effect to the comp and where the scatter is at the most , inside of the pre-c , switch to the after image and let the scatter back to 0. play with the rotation and randomness to get a fluid animation.)

But if your client are talking about an effect like in Transformers , then don't even think about doing it in Ae.

At least that would be my experience.
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Re: How to make transformers ( the Movie ) effect.

Postby calexandermoore on 11/5/2012, 4:41 pm

Is the effect possible? Yes. Ish. Can you actualy make it look as good as the transformers movie? Sure. But it's like the Designers Ven diagram: You can have Quality, You can have cheap, you can have fast. But you can't have all three at the same time. You only get two. In order to do this, you will need to hand craft every vertice (side) of every object in photoshop, then using a system not meant for it, assemble them all in 2.5D space (For reference, the Optimus Prime model has something like 5 million vertices in the first movie) then precompose all your hand crafted objects, one by one, until your computer has an aneurysm. If by some miracle it doesnt, painstakingly assemble the piece into the form of either your car or robot. Now begin keyframing the transformation. Oh, did I mention texturing and lighting? Yea, that'll take for approximately ever.

In lighter news, if you can find somewhere to buy a multi object 3D model, there is the possibility that element 3D could do it. Maybe. I don't know of anyone who has pushed the plug in that far yet, though. And you'd need one heck of a fast computer.
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Re: How to make transformers ( the Movie ) effect.

Postby Michael_Szalapski on 11/6/2012, 7:07 am

Oh my gosh, this thread is four years old! WHO RAISED IT FROM THE DEAD? Let it rest it peace, already!
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