How to make effect "CC Mr. Mercury" change direction?

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How to make effect "CC Mr. Mercury" change direction?

Postby mrbond on 09/4/2019, 2:11 pm

I have two layers with the same video clip, then I have added the simulation effect "CC Mr. Mercury". I have moved the producer high up and increased the radius in both X and Y. It looks like big water bubbles is raining down. This look like I want it.

However I should like to stop for the animation for a short time and then make the bubbles change the falling direction too the side (Like a Matrix animation when he freeze time and move all bullets).

I tried to translate the top layer however, then when see through water bubble the background is not correct.

Is it possible to achive what I want with "CC Mr. Mercury" effect or should I do this in some other way?
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