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Book pages flipping

Postby stayhigh on 08/20/2019, 5:25 am ... ok/1868880 ... k/13102387

If I have a similar shot and I need to change the text/picture in one of the pages how can I achieve it? I'm having trouble figuring out how to do the displacement of the page/paper. Obviously I can make it flat but how to make it bend like that?
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Re: Book pages flipping

Postby ender772 on 08/20/2019, 8:18 am

if it bends like it does in that video it would be very difficult. you could do one page bending once at a time...but bending one direction while a hand bends it a different direction...this is not going to be an easy shot. i hope your shot has better lighting than this...but your options are element 3d, page turn, or the 3d ray traced comps
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