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Rendering black/buggy frames

PostPosted: 07/19/2019, 12:00 am
by stayhigh
When I use certain type of files - for example mp4 or mxf files, AE just randomly renders single black or/and bugged frames (sometimes it renders black sometimes it switches frames. For example it renders frame 200 from frame 500 so I have a single misplaced frame)

I know if I clear my cache it fixes the problem but it is annoying if you work with multiple files. Because it fixes it in one place and it just popups in another... The only way to fix this is to convert the file into a mov (other type of files might work as well but i use this one)

Has anyone found out a solid fix for this? I know this issue is from a long time ago and still hasn't been fixed, and there are multiple discussions over the internet for this but I didn't find anything useful that I already don't know...

Re: Rendering black/buggy frames

PostPosted: 08/4/2019, 10:16 pm
by WilmonBlack
You might have to update quicktime to make sure that the codec you are having issues with is supported