10448 In/Out Presets (AfterEffectsCC2019)

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10448 In/Out Presets (AfterEffectsCC2019)

Postby AndreEditor_ on 07/3/2019, 12:52 am


This presets i created for save the time of professionals and beginners in After Effects, unfortunately my version is CC2019 and i make this presets in this version, so i believe that other previous versions can´t use this presets. during 2 months i made it, so i think that can a large material for work, have 10448 presets for in/out texts, logos, shapes and transitions, and have more possibilities, it can be used to make alpha matte and luma matte and all the configurations of all presets can be changed. Other possibilities are of use the transitions for images and videos too. If you want this product:

you can pay with paypall[/url]

there is one thing that I think it is important for me to say, is that:

the work was organized by folders:
* Simple Similar to Shape and Text: 7802 presets (3901 in / 3901 out), this folder have subfolders with several similar presets but with different settings and it has a small setting to be quickly adjusted that is in help.txt, I do not I did it because I have no more time to work on it until I earn enough money.
The quality of these presets I consider medium (but my level of personal taste is high) and you can mix them up, duplicating the compositions and putting them in the same color or other colors, opacity, in these cases they look great !!

* Special Selections:
in this folder yes you find varied and great quality presets, it has the subfolders:
logo (546 presets, 273in / 273out)
text (528 presets, 264in / 264out)
transition (516 presets (258in / 258out)
shape, with 2 subfolders:
with layer styles:
528 presets, 264in / 264out
withou layer styles:
528 presets, 264in / 264out, in this folder I did not copy and paste and I took the effects, I wanted to modify most to give them more possibilities.

Are very easy to use, it can be just one click, but I think it's best to create first what is in the center of the screen (shape, text, logo, transition) and then create a pre-compose, scale, movement, and opacity without tampering with the preset's own settings.

I'm very happy because although it has not been accepted in the Envato site why many peoples are sending this type of job, these presets can greatly help me do work I would take days, in minutes or a few hours if it is too large, because it serves to all kinds of media, then I can win with freelancers, but I have a higher ambition of investment, not just money to live, so I'm putting the sale on other websites and exposing here too. I'm sure that this product can help a lot of people, if you want to help me by buying it, I'll leave my gratitude to you now here \o/ :D
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