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Problems with Saber and Text

PostPosted: 06/15/2019, 5:16 pm
by Difrent
I have to make a lyric video and there are a couple of problems, all right when inserting the text in the Saber layer, the problem is that the text layer, I inserted an animation preset that brings default AE, is called "Drop In By Character" the layer of Saber follows the movement, the problem lies in the Motion Blur, the text layer if you have it, while the Saber layer does not.

The other problem is that the following Saber layers do not get the "Drop In By Character" effect of the other text layers.

I leave you a fragment of the AE file so that you can understand me better, you will notice that the first sentence if it has the effect "Drop In By Character", but the following ones do not, other than they do not show the Motion Blur

I hope you can really help me, it would be very helpful.