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After Effects and other pipeline softwares

Postby distinct07 on 05/30/2019, 7:33 pm

Hi guys

Seniors and Artist kindly help me

how MUCH IS TOO MUCH? (respective of learning and knowledge for softwares and its topics)[/b] How much deep, how much tuts and RnD must be done to know any topic till satisfy?

Inaddition updates are adding in softwares versions too quickly???[/size]

Currently I know illustrator(60-70%), photoshop(80-90%), premiere pro(75-85%), after effects (60-65%).
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Re: After Effects and other pipeline softwares

Postby star+circle on 06/1/2019, 2:07 am

There's no "too much". There's "not enough" though. The line goes somewhere around the point when you can do a job without having to look for answers on how to do it, but just know how to make the vision you have in your head become reality on the screen. If your first question is "is there a tutorial on this?" you know you're not there yet. Not that you can't refer to things when you need to but that should be less than 10% of the time expended.
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