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Twitch scene

PostPosted: 12/17/2018, 6:35 pm
by jhazel0705
Hey folks.....long time lurker on the co-pilot site and first time poster. I was wondering if there was anywhere a short tutorial on how to set up a similar walkthrough like the twitch promotional video...I got the technique for the camera tracking and motion, but creating the rooms and moving through the model...I am unsure how to do that in After effects, I am blender literate and so my first thought would be to build the model in blender and import it , but is seems like there may be a better way in AE .....any guidance on where to point ?

Re: Twitch scene

PostPosted: 01/16/2019, 1:49 am
by krisq

Re: Twitch scene

PostPosted: 01/24/2019, 9:34 am
by Alantour
That seems good, Krisq. Thank you very much!