How Do I get Fluid Movement in AFX

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How Do I get Fluid Movement in AFX

Postby ashendenml on 11/14/2018, 4:36 pm

Hi there!

I'm working on a project for a client and they gave me this reference video (attached as "Reference2.mp4") as an example of the type of movement they would like me to create. They really like how there is an elegance to the movement, it's very fluid. I am using eases on my keyframes and adjusting them using the graph editor, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to get movement like the one in the video? My movement does not quite mimic this movement and I'm wondering if they achieved this with a plug-in? Or maybe there is a tool in AFX that I'm not aware exists. Or maybe I just need to keep adjusting the graph editor? I have no idea - please help!

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Re: How Do I get Fluid Movement in AFX

Postby ender772 on 12/3/2018, 4:01 pm

this just takes lots of practice..i dont know of a shortcut to learn faster
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Re: How Do I get Fluid Movement in AFX

Postby ctarv419 on 12/4/2018, 7:36 am

Eases will get you 75% of the way to the look you want, but to really match this you're going to need to get comfortable manipulating the keyframe graphs as opposed to just doing eases. (An ease is basically just a preset for the motion graph.) There's probably a tutorial somewhere on this site or CreativeCow about advanced keyframe motion.
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