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Render Settings Instagram Videos

PostPosted: 10/28/2018, 11:36 am
by mika1976
Hi guys,
I've uploaded a short video (audio animation video 15secs) to instagram and it's looking horrible (green blocks, artifacts, really bad quality)
plus the audio and the video animation are out of sync...
in the preview window in instagram the video is looking fine.
I searched the internet for the settings and I'm quite sure I've done everything right... but it looks horrible...
I've seen videos with very very good quality... let's just name videocopilot has really good looking videos without shitty artifacts aliasing ect

Here are my settings
after effects comp:
1080x1080 px
framerate 29,97

adobe media encoder :
Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 Pass
Target Bitrate: 3Mbps
Maximum Bitrate: 4Mbps

Render at Maximum Depth
Use Maximum Render Quality

320 kb

I manually drop the new mp4 video via USB cable to my android phone... and do the video posting via the app...

Like I said, the video and the audio sync looks really great in the first instagram preview window...
I choose no filter...

the result is so bad :(

what am I missing???

do I have to export the after effects animation into premiere to get better results?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Render Settings Instagram Videos

PostPosted: 10/28/2018, 6:03 pm
by JPT7505
1080p at 4mbps is tiny unless you video is 5 Seconds long.

Raise your bitrate. This is assuming the video looks OK within ae before export.