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3D element - need help

PostPosted: 12/28/2017, 7:17 am
by alconz
Does anyone know how I can made the attached pic into 3D in element? i have tried Auto-Traced with different AI files and still won't created with the angle I need it.
If anyone can help me with it? or if you know who can create for me? I believe I can afford.
Thank you

Re: 3D element - need help

PostPosted: 01/2/2018, 7:16 pm
by JPT7505
Easiest method is to just buy the exact same model on turbosquid, just search for 'award' ... 03/1063087

Next is make it in a dedicated 3d program

If u absolutely need to make it in element.

Add a cylinder for the base
Add a cube for each if the 'towers'
Use a large cube as a 'ceiling' to cut the top of the model and set the material appropriately. I forget the material type but review the tutorials.

Re: 3D element - need help

PostPosted: 01/3/2018, 8:12 am
by star+circle
Unfortunately you can't do boolean operation in Element, but you can skew the cubes with a clever combination of rotating and scaling along individual axes.

Here's a rough approximation.

Award rough
(896.99 KiB) Downloaded 54 times

Re: 3D element - need help

PostPosted: 01/3/2018, 11:22 am
by alconz
Thank you Star+circle and JPT7505.
Star+circle, I think I can use your model.
I am really grateful to you both for responding and helping me with this project. You both rock!!!
Thank you.