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DecomposeText plugin

PostPosted: 12/25/2017, 8:51 am
by Exul
Hi everybody and merry holydays, sorry to bother but I'm really new in the motion graphic world but I would really like to improve.
Right know I'm still practicing with every tutorial or ispiration I get but recently I stumbled in a problem.

I'm trying to use the external plugin DecomposeText, a plugin that seemed to me quite use among motion graphers and it seemed a lot useful but it seems I can't get it to work in any way. Every time I try it just tells me "paragraph text is not supported" no matter what I do... I also checked other tutorials but it seems it happens just to me. I even looked online to find anyone else who reported the same problem hoping that persone would have find a solution but nothing...

Anybody could help? :(((