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alternative for Adobe After Effects

Postby JoeClark on 10/9/2017, 5:27 am


One of the questions I see asked a LOT in the forums is how to accomplish Motion Graphics with graphic assets created in Designer/Photo.I am looking for a motion graphics and/or animation making program.Can anyone give advice on starting out with motion graphic animation videos? . I need an alternative for Adobe After Effects, so I could make animated movies too. I have tried running other Adobe products with Wine, I would prefer an program, than After FX with Wine. Also, if you know some good stop motion programs, you can recommend them too.

Any suggestions?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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Re: alternative for Adobe After Effects

Postby jsn951 on 10/23/2017, 9:52 am

AE is rather ideal for Mograph. Youtube has a an abundance of tutorials, if you feel training could be useful. AE is rather robust when it comes to file compatibiltiy, maybe try using different file exports from your application.But if you feel other apps may be of better use, fxhome and blackmagic fusion come to mind. fxhome is comparable to AE, i hear good things about the native 3D intergration. Blackmagic fusion is comparable to Nuke in many ways. Its node-based, geared more towards VFX but i have seen some great Mograph work as well. And its free!
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