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Postby boxtree on 10/6/2017, 7:00 pm

Is anybody up for a collaborative project? This website and forum was my go to place when i was learning the basics of after effects. It seems to have died a bit as Andrew has got busier. It doesn't need to , cant we keep it going as a community? Does it need Andrew to tell us all what to do?

I have an original song and would like to make a fun lyric video with you guys. I could (and have done) do it myself but where is the fun in that?

Is anybody interested in taking a section, making something from it, then we edit it all together when its done? I'm open to ideas - Also please dont think I'm trying to get work for free, i'm honestly not, this is a hobby project so if you're not interested in just doing this for fun, that's cool . If you are, that's even more cool!

Ive also posted this on reddit : ... e_project/

If you fancy doing this, but choosing a different song then cool! im just trying to get something fun started.

The song i have that we could use is called the Rain:
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