I need help!!!!

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I need help!!!!

Postby CocoPofo on 09/22/2017, 10:42 am

I need help!

How would I animate this in after effects? I tried to use premiere didn't work as well becuase all of the other tutorials were to start from scratch, but I just want to animate the flames!

1. Please write out the steps clearly. It won't take that logn because I done pretty well in Photoshop so I think I can do too in After effects!
Flamethrower Text.jpg
Fire Text I created
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Re: I need help!!!!

Postby gregalan on 10/5/2017, 4:19 pm

Hi CocoPofo, welcome. Have you used After Effects before? If not you really will need to know the basics of the program before anyone would be even vaguely be able to help.

These are really old but quick and will give you a head start:
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