Gooey effect on titles

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Gooey effect on titles

Postby stayhigh on 08/22/2017, 4:15 am


How can I achieve this effect? I'm pretty sure I can just draw a line use the stroke effect and then just use the roughen edges, but lets say I want to create a lot more lines like a 100 or a 1000. And how would I make it so it connects to the letters and not spread all over the place? How would you make something like this so you have some control and can easily switch texts so the effect updates?
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Re: Gooey effect on titles

Postby ender772 on 08/22/2017, 11:56 am

make a few gooey lines with alpha and reproduce...i dont think there are any shortcuts for this one..oh duh know what..what about the new rain drops tutorial...yes do that tutorial all the way until he mentinons how to turn his drops into actual water,
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