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Mask Point Co-ordinates

PostPosted: 08/16/2017, 12:27 pm
by BritMorph
Is there any way to type in the co-ordinates of mask points in After Effects?

Moving the pen cursor over the comp gives the x and y position in the info panel. But that require pixel perfect accuracy with the mouse on EVERY click which is a bad workflow. Once created is there any way to see the co-ordinate that the mask point was created on?

I've only found really old posts on the subject so far and we are light years ahead of these initial problems with the latest Ae release.

Re: Mask Point Co-ordinates

PostPosted: 08/17/2017, 1:22 pm
by mbloflin
There may be another way, but I was looking at a script the other day that may do the trick:

Allows the animation of individual two-dimensional point property (like position, track point attach point, "point" expression control, etc) by "linking" the point to an animated mask vertex.

Link a point to the mask vertex then the position coordinates would be revealed.