Advanced Lightning 32bpc color clipping issues

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Advanced Lightning 32bpc color clipping issues

Postby Zogeta on 08/4/2017, 1:08 pm

Hey everyone,

So I've been using the latest Advanced Lightning Tutorial to make some lightning bolts in my project. The only difference is I've applied the glows and exposure filters to each individual layer instead of a precomp containing all the lightning layers so each individual bolt flickers at its own unique expression rates. The problem is when I composite them on top of each other, they occasionally create odd, negative clipping values. Basically, in the 32bpc workspace if layers set to screen or add would create a value above white, the color bleeds red or orange. You can see it in the image I've provided where several bolts intersect. Do any of you know how to get rid of this clipping so the bolts just stay bright blue and white at their core? Ideally, while sticking to the 32bpc workspace?


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Re: Advanced Lightning 32bpc color clipping issues

Postby ender772 on 08/11/2017, 8:28 am

does it render like that, or is it just for previewing purposes like in photoshop..have you tried adding a color correction of some sort to bring the highlights down. that might help
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