RAM problem, memory usage keeps increasing

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RAM problem, memory usage keeps increasing

Postby Ypsilon on 08/4/2017, 3:59 am

Hello awesome people,

I have been using After effects for years and the program always worked fine until a few weeks ago. I have this annoying problem that my RAM usage for After effects just constantly keeps increasing up to a point where i get a Windows error that After effects has to close

Even with a completely empty Project I have this problem. My RAM usage starts at around 300 MB but as time passes by, the usage keeps increasing up to a point where its 11GB (yes, on an empty project) and then it needs to close.

- I can purge the memory when the usage is high, this works on smaller projects but when working on big projects the usage will just go very high until windows error again in a few minutes
- I have tested my ram and it is fine, i have this problem only in After Effects
- I never had this problem before, it just started randomly like 2 weeks ago
- If RAM usage is high (for example 10GB) and i start a new completely empty project the RAM usage just stays at 10GB and doesnt purge but keeps increasing even when doing nothing

I'm using After effects CC 2014, Windows 8.1 64-bit, i7 4790K, GTX 970 sli, 16GB RAM

Is there anyone out here who knows how to fix this? Any advice?

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Re: RAM problem, memory usage keeps increasing

Postby ender772 on 08/11/2017, 9:16 am

try updating or rolling back after effects..perhaps
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