Serious questions for video editors

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Serious questions for video editors

Postby bobnotbob on 07/9/2017, 8:25 am

I have been searching everywhere for the answers to these stupid questions so my last hope is this. I am very sorry for the wall of text, please help me if you can.

And this is for YOUTUBE only unless told otherwise

1. For uploading videos to youtube, is simply uploading the RENDERED video better in terms of quality but not file size, while ENCODED videos have a bit worse quality but smaller file size? What is the difference between a simple render and encoded for YOUTUBE ( and as far as I understand, if you freelance as a video editor, it depends on the client if he wants a rendered or encoded video?),

2. Upscaling a video to 4k (from 1080 in my case) improves the quality because youtube gives you more bitrate(?), but then why are there so many channels with only 1080p videos? Are they not bothering getting the extra quality, or are correctly upscaled videos still only 1080 on youtube (if they were originally 1080), in my case if i Upscale(Please tell me if I am doing this correctly) I just put it on Adobe media encoder and bump up the resolution of the video to 3840 x 2160, high profile and 5.2 level, h264 format,2 passes, keyframe distance to HALF of the frame rate of the VIDEO, bitrate honestly i just put it at 60 even though it's probably too much, and then i enable both of the "increase quality" options, is this a correct way to upscale ( I understand that the upscaling part is only for the resolution)

3. The 4k upscaled video at 4k on youtube looks exactly like the quality of the file on my desktop(which is filmed at 1080p), while on youtube at 1080 it looks kinda blurry, not as good. Is this to be expected? Will freelance employers expect their video to be reduced quality on youtube or am I doing something wrong?

4. What output module (ex. loseless) is the best for youtube quality? What about file extension (ex: avi.)? I don't have h264 (in AFTER EFFECTS but I do in adobe media encoder!) in either of them unless i pick quicktime file extension and then I can pick h264

5. I read somewhere about bitrate and internet speed being connected? Does this mean that if I have faster internet and use media encoder I can get better quality? Or was that person talking about youtube only and not the encode part bitrate?

Thank you very much for reading this and your patience with me.
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