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Optical flare : Spots+shimmer

Postby Cherami on 06/29/2017, 3:23 am

Hi everyone,

I try to create with optical flare volume spotlight (like trapcode lux).
My project need a 3D camera movement, lots of spots (over 120), and each spotlight target must be move independently. Volume lights are simulated by OF shimmer.

I watch the OF tutorials Concert scene. I love the result but all spotlights focus on the same point. we can't orient spotlights like that, for example :

lighting spots sample.jpg

I found some techniques to link each 3D spotlight target to the OF center position :

[ Play Quicktime file ] OF+Spots.mp4 [ 1.43 MiB | Viewed 331 times ]

It works fairly well but its complicated, really long to prepare, and render time make several minutes by frame with nearly 100 spots.

Is optical flare have a function to doing that simply? (checkbox to target OF center position to each spotlight target)
Have you some tips to optimize render time with many optical flare layers (over 100 splits into as many precomp) ? Multiprocessing and gpu doesn't seem to work

Thanks for your response
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