Anamorphic Lens simulation with 3D camera in AE

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Anamorphic Lens simulation with 3D camera in AE

Postby iamamongno1 on 12/22/2016, 5:08 am

Hi there!
I was thinking how to accomplish this thing that gives us anamorphic look in pictures shot on anamorphic lenses, it's not about defocus bokeh squeezed. it's about the distortion an image displacement we may experience as long as we move the camera around main object or fallow him and watch how objects move in a certain way on the back to sides of the image... they certainly move differently compared if they were shot on standsrt prime lenses. One thing is clear to me: when you shoot with anamorphic lens I can tell there is the distortion like a huge horizontal scaling going on, But all objects appear to be their normal dimetions - not scaled in any way, so it's like psycological images that can trick you so see things that they are not...

So does anybody have some knowlege ofg how to may be replicate the behavior of anamorphic lens perseption of the image with the ae 3d camera with some displacement happening to the layeres?
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