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Stabilization Help

Postby albertsteals on 09/7/2020, 5:33 am

Hey all!

Am having an impossible time stabilizing this footage. Have many of these shots, all filmed with a motion controlled phantom flex camera. Unfortunately, the camera shakes whenever it reaches the top shot on every shot. I tried every technique I know and still can't remove this shake. The warp stabilizer gives me the best result but it still doesn't remove the shake entirely and it reduces the quality of my shots significantly. I am convinced there must be something I am missing because it seems impossible that there would be no way to stabilize these shots. Would appreciate any help or tips!

Thanks :)

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Re: Stabilization Help

Postby andigesi on 09/12/2020, 7:46 am

Weird, the shots don't seem to be very complicated to fix, but that seems to be the tricky thing about them.

Just today I saw some videos promoting a stabilizer called "Reel stabilizer".
It is an AE plugin or a standalone tool.
I never used it and do not know if it is any good, maybe it helps.

I guess, Mocha should also do the job.
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