SureTarget 2 baked cameras

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SureTarget 2 baked cameras

Postby Terence on 04/25/2012, 3:21 am

My non-GPU machine is getting slaughtered :(

So this is my first time using SureTarget 2 and I have an 8min comp which is pretty slow to work with. I think I've turned everything down, but the SureTarget 2 tutorial seems to say baking a camera is a good idea to speed things up while working.

My problem is that I top out my RAM if the work area is too big. I can do my whole 8min comp if I execute about 5 baked camera operations, but then separate baked cameras are created for each - not good.

Any suggestions on how to work around a multi-bake comp?

I'm using AE CS5.5 on Windows 7
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