OF does not see all the lights on the scene

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OF does not see all the lights on the scene

Postby cabes on 02/13/2012, 9:54 am

I have a scene with two lights and I want to add flares to each of them, so I added a black solid, changed the blending mode to screen and set OF to track lights. but for some reason is only tracking one of them. The other one is as it wasn't there at all.

I already tried changing the names of the lights, setting the plug in to name starts with anything, tracking on and off lights, nothing works, this particular light just won't be taken in consideration.

I used OF tracking lights a lot of times now and never had this issue before, the only difference I can think of is that this time the lights were created in Cinema 4D, rather than AE, but in another composition which also uses C4D lights (in fact, the very same lights, but with a different camera) the lights are being tracked without problem.

Any ideas?
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Re: OF does not see all the lights on the scene

Postby MICKFX on 03/21/2012, 10:22 pm

This reply is probably too late, but here's a couple of suggestions:

-Make sure the light is turned 'on' (the little eye icon at the left of the layer)
-Perhaps the light's intensity is set to 0%. Make the intensity higher or tell optical flares not to get 'intensity', etc from lights
-The light may be a spot light and actually pointing 'away' from the camera, so you wont see a lens flare.
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